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SOPA Aftermath

SOPA victory after the blackout. Read more


Read what it is, inform yourself and let's stop it! Read more


My first tweetup. What is a tweetup? Read on! Read more

po PS-u

Croatian phrase that my folks have been using ever since. I finally think I know what it means now. Maybe. Read more

Iranian internet

Censorship of the Iranian internet space that will limit people's access to information. Read more

Gourmet pljeskavica

Gourmet pljeskavica - one of my favourite meat dishes. Read more


Such a cool dog video reacting to music. Read more


Same, continuous pattern of a show does not make it great. Read more

Carpe Diem

2012 is here. Make the most of it! Read more

Full Metal Jacket

Stanley Cubrick shows a double-sided story about war and preparation for it. Read more