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I came across this image today and it reminded me on the reasons why I am not a fan of a “House MD” TV show. Yes, yes, all you House fans will now “booo” me and call me names and stuff, but that won’t change my opinion at all. 

All in all, I saw a couple of House episodes. After seeing the first one, I was like “OK, his obviously a great doctor, knowing all the diagnostics and being able to predict everything.”. After seeing the second show, I was like “Well, that’s great, it really is but hm … didn’t I see that somewhere before?”.

After seeing the third show, I was like “Damn, it’s all the same.”. Yeah, it really is. Every show is quite like that picture up there - diagnosis go from “fail”, “total fail”, “no chance” to “epic win”. It’s just not that fun for me when you know that every show is that similar to the previous (and the next) one. 

Right now I can hear booing, names being screamed out and me being called a “hater” and I’m sorry for that, but I really don’t like that show. On the other side, to make myself perfectly clear - I don’t think that the main actor Hugh Laurie is to be blamed or that he sucks. Ofc he doesn’t! He is a brilliant actor and a true artist - from the Blackadder to this one. 

Well anyway, this was my thought today as I was reminded by that picture above. Cheers! 

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