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Blogging from an iPad is possible - here's how

How to blog from iPad

Blogging on a laptop is hard. Blogging on iPad is harder. Until now! Read more

Roy Keane - Lessons in Leadership

Roy Keane

Even though depicted as super emotional (and often too aggressive), he actually lead his team properly and cared. Read more

How To Web 2018

I attended the How To Web conference in Bucharest. Here is how it went. Read more

Focus on Your Core

With limited time and space, not focusing exclusively on your core can be costly by steering the conversation away. Read more

Follow up

Without it, action items from that particular intro, meeting, chat falls off the rails and gets lost. Read more

Seed the Future Report: A Deep Dive into European Early-Stage Tech Startup Activity

Early Stage Technology investment in Europe increases four-fold in just three years - with fintech and medtech leading! Read more

Techstars London 2018

Techstars London 2018 ended 3 weeks ago. This is what happened. Read more

Help - Hiring associates for Techstars London!

Associates are people that come in for the duration of the Program and work closely with 10 companies Techstars selected. Read more

Applying to Techstars London: Tips for a good application

Among 1k companies that are applying for Techstars London, you'll want to stand out. Here are some tips on how to do that! Read more

Hello World

Hello World! This is where my personal website and my small part of the Internet will be based. Welcome! Read more