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The Stop-Online-Privacy-Act (SOPA) is on hold for now, but the debates in the US House of Representatives will continue. I won’t talk about the pros and cons of SOPA, I won’t debate at all - the debate (I highly recommend watching this!) has been more than extensive through the past month and a half. 

What I will do is oppose SOPA (and PIPA, with all of it’s brothers and sisters in all forms) for obvious reasons. I don’t live in the States so there’s not much reason in writing to the congressmen.

I know that this is just a small, small drop in the ocean but tommorow on the 18th of January this blog will join Wikipedia and Reddit in their blackout. Tomorrow, a new post on this blog will not be written. Also, english Wikipedia will be shut down for a day having more than 25 million daily visitors forced to search for information elsewhere. So will Reddit, but for half a day. 

Even though Google, Facebook, Twitter and other giants have also officially opposed SOPA, they haven’t confirmed any blackout. It’s quite a shame really, I’m sure that the congressmen would surely oppose SOPA too if they weren’t able to find the information, facts, pictures, chat online freely with their loved ones, use their mail freely for just a day.

Hopefully, in the ongoing actions of persuasion - that’ll be the last resort ;)

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