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po PS-u

Even though my blog is written in English, now and then I have a huge temptation to write a post in Croatian. But, I won’t. I’ll keep writing in English and all the Croatian words and phrases I will try to translate to English.

Anyway, for about more than a year I have had one particular question. It was concerning the phrase we have in Croatia. The phrase was pretty simple and it contained an abbreviation. Now, I know what the phrase meant, I understood it correctly, but I couldn’t discover what the words in the abbreviation are. I asked a dozen people and nobody knew. Every answer I got was “I don’t know, it’s just the way it’s said” as if it’s some kind of dogmatic expression. 

The phrase was “Sve sam napravio po PS-u”. Meaning translated in English would be “I have done everything by the book.” The phrase is obviously used when something is done properly and right, in the right way, in the right time. The meaning is known, but the words of the abbreviation aren’t. So, yesterday, I finally found the answer!

Well, sort of. I had a coffee with my professor from college and a friend and I asked them and got two answers. One answer was that “po PS-u” means “po pravilima sluzbe” which means “by the rules of the service”. The other answer was “po pravilima/procedurama i standardima” which means “by the rules/procedures and standards”. 

Finally, when I came home, to make things even more difficult - my dad told me that “po pravilima sluzbe” was the right answer. So, all in all, I have narrowed my views on the subject on these two answers - can you help me?

What does “… po PS-u” mean? 

Leave Your comment in the comment-box bellow. It’s intended for Croatian speaking people ofc, no trolling please :D 

Thank You! :)

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