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TechBikers 2015 (Paris - London) - Turning The Tide On Illiteracy

Education and literacy are silver bullets. This is why I will ride a bike from Paris to London. Read more

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Top 3 Impressions on Belgium life

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JOBS Act - What changes in the VC world

JOBS act is coming to life to help companies fundraise easier. Read more

Gmail just *New-Composed* me!

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Greatest Vines of 2013

6 second videos with deep context and cultural familiarity have become popular - here are the top ones from 2013. Read more

Something Ventured

Venture Capital industry started in 1950s and Something Ventured depicts is all. Read more

What do you need to do for an International Internship in the United States?

Immigration is a pain. This is what I found out while figuring out how to do an internship in the US. Read more


I love Dragon Ball Z. Another revival happens every so often there. Read more