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Hello World

Welcome to my personal website, my blog, the small part of the Internet where I am and will be sharing my thoughts and opinions about domains that I feel passionate about - the startup and VC world, productivity and efficiency hacks and other, random, tech and non-tech, fun domains.

You will be able to read about my observations of the startup journey, primarily through the lens of someone who spent the last 3 years recruiting, selecting and working with the companies in Techstars London, being immersed into the VC community. There will be lessons learned, situations observed and thoughts had in both the startup and VC world.

In the productivity domain, I’ll bring forward hacks that helped me be more efficient at what I do and what did and not now work for me, from simple things that save seconds at a time to more complex efforts that save hours at a time.

The name of the blog post is Per Aspera Ad Astra, do check out what that means and why I chose it here.

Oldest blog posts are from 2011 when I first started blogging on Tumblr (links to original posts included) and then transitioned to Medium before finally creating a dedicated website. Hence, if you actually do go back, you’ll read the thoughts of a young man from Croatia who is still studying CS and Business, working for Netokracija and ZIP while founding his company on the side.

Those blog posts covered My Mentor Tak, Geeks On A Plane and Seedcamp in Croatia, Coming to Techstars and Lessons Learned, the TechBikers journey, Share and Tvitomanija conferences and many other. As I grew up (did I?), thoughts became more structured and serious (did they?) and that can be easily detected imho. Some people said that more emotion can be seen in them as well. I strongly doubt that.

All in all, hopefully it will be useful and potentially interesting for everyone. And fun.

If you want to get in touch - see the icons above - feel free to tweet at me or email at If you simply want to follow me, you can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Facebook.

PS - Obviously, even though I have a technical background, this Jekyll blog wouldn’t see the light of day without the massive help from Marija, a kick ass software developer :)

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