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TechBikers 2015 (Paris - London) - Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day to ride.

Anyone who has done a long-distance ride knows how difficult it is to organise the whole thing logistically. Thankfully, I am pleased to say that Techbikers (thank you Marie!) has covered all the details, they have everything planned — accommodation, food (the level of detail is unbelievable!), transport (of both people and bikes) and the other logistics. So, everything is under control as much as it can be: it is up to us to ride.

The Paris — London ride is split into three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We meet tomorrow morning at St. Pancras station, take the Eurostar to Paris where we gather at the Eiffel Tower to collect the bikes and take a group photo. After that, the fun begins.


The route divided into days looks like this:

On the other hand, the thing that we don’t have control over is the weather. Apparently, it’ll rain tomorrow and we’ll have a wet start in Paris, but it will clear up on Saturday and Sunday. One has to be careful on the slippery roads.

Fingers crossed! :)

I will be cycling from Paris to London with 70 likeminded individuals. Apart from the pain and thrill I’ll go through, I will be raising £500 for the RoomToRead. Since everyone who read this had a chance for a good education, I would like to ask you to help me fundraise on the link below:

Thank you! :)

PS: There will be more updates over the next days, so make sure to follow my Twitter and Facebook account. Thanks!

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