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Tvitomanija - social media for everybody

Tvitomanija is the best social media conference in South East Europe that gathered social media geeks across the region. Read more

Seedcamp Zagreb 2012

After a succesful event in Ljubljana a year before, Seedcamp came and met the regional startups in Zagreb in 2012. Read more

#GOAP is coming to Croatia!

Geeks are coming, get your pitches ready and slide decks polished! Read more

Scumbag geek

Not much to say here. A photo of a geek. Read more

Share 2012!

Share conference in Belgrade. Read more

Thank You .. not!

The customer is always right. Customer experience should always be your priority. Here is an example. Read more

Bayern Is Back

Bayern. My favourite football team. They are back and kicking! Read more

State Of The Union 2012

After a number of West Wing State of the Unions, I finally watched the real one live. Read more

SOPA Aftermath

SOPA victory after the blackout. Read more


Read what it is, inform yourself and let's stop it! Read more