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Greatest Vines of 2013

Don’t be fooled by the thumbnail picture - this is not what it looks like. I bet you’ve heard that before. Well, this time it’s true! Almost.

The best video of the year is hidden behind that mouse click. “The greatest Vines of 2013” compilation. No, not vines, not alcohol but Vine - those 6 second videos that people tend to make with their iPhones and Androids and post to Twitter (and Facebook). 

Well, this awesome guy Eris S (his first upload was taken down) made a compilation of about 60 Vines. And, even though every single one of those hand picked videos is really really awesome and hilarious, that is not the reason I want to see this compilation over and over again.

The main reason is that the intensity of humor and the frequency of the good jokes - every 6 seconds - make this video awesome! Other videos, other compilations are not that intense, their “peak” moments come and go every 30s, maybe more, they have their own themes, their own background and flow, while this one has its own theme every 6 seconds; every 6 seconds new characters take the stage with a new “story” that is really well thought through, with a point. Something completely different.

Anyway, sit back, watch it and enjoy! 

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