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Per aspera ad astra

My first post on this blog and, in the same time, the title of this whole blog. 

I came across this quote about eight years ago while watching the movie “Armageddon”. As I was in high school back then and I learned Latin, it seemed familiar so I looked it up. I didn’t know what to expect so I was quite surprised by the translation that said:

“Through difficulties and hardship to the stars” 

And it really resonated with me and stuck ever since. When I thought about it, it really is true. When you want something done, you often come across problems, you often come across misunderstandings, disbelief and challenges. But, eventually you overcome them and prevail and get through victorious. 

As this is my first blog post ever, I too hope to prevail and to be as punctual as can be in updating this blog and sharing my hopes, thoughts and dreams.  Cheers! :)

UPDATE from March 2017

It is really fun and interesting to read my thoughts from 2011 when I was still a kid, living, breathing, studying in Croatia, inexperienced and young. Even though a lot of time passed since then, Per Aspera Ad Astra as one of the values I live by and a way of life, stuck with me through the years. To me it symbolises how success comes only after hard work. More than ever, hard work, putting in the hours, being persistent, having perseverence, powering through the pain and not shying away from hard tasks pays off eventually.

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