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Carpe Diem

So, the long awaited year has finally come. People are celebrating, everyone is happy, the joy is everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. On the other side, I cannot not mention the most talked about issue of the year to come. 

I believe there isn’t anyone who, during the last two or even more years, didn’t hear about the “end of the world” on the 21st December 2012. This prophecy or call-it-as-you-like thing (vision, prediction, whatever) seems quite serious. Destruction of Earth is serious, right?

Right. But I don’t take it that serious at all. It’s because, if you think about it, one really can’t do anything about it. Nothing. So, with being able to do nothing about it, I keep calm.

I am sure about one thing though - I am going to try to live this year as if the 21st December is really real. And I suggest the same thing to everyone - use the days in front of you as they were your last, use’‘em fully, use’‘em like there are no other! 

Carpe diem! 

PS - One thing that really amuses me are the jokes about the whole thing. You can find them all over the internet. One of the best explanations of the 2012 destruction-to-be is this one. Enjoy!

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