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Techstars London Jobs - June 2018 Edition

Techstars London has had ~60 companies that went through our programs from early 2013. Each company went through an intense selection process and 8-12 interviews and was eventually selected from a pool of more than a thousand companies on average. After, the company went through the intense 3 month program, some raised funding, some didn’t.

You can find all the companies that went through our programs here under the London classes (Classes 106, 78, 59, 46, 36 and 29). It is kept quite transparent, so you can see their status and funding history as well.

All in all, Techstars companies in London stand for some of the highest quality startups you can find in London and if you are looking for your next gig, you should definitely have a look - regardless if you are a technical or not. Apply directly through the job ads and mention where you found out about it or reach out directly to me and I’ll connect you.

Here are the companies hiring:

LifeBit, Techstars London 2017, building the world’s first intelligent genomics platform that understands DNA data and generates meaningful insights like humans do. At the moment, they are hiring a Lead, Backend and a Machine Learning Engineer.

Stylindex, Techstars London 2017, helps fashion brands find the freelance creative talent they need for photoshoots & videos. They are currently hiring Python and Front End Software Engineers and a UX/UI Design Lead. Either apply directly or reach out to

ObjectBox, Techstars London 2017, helps app/IoT developers develop faster apps faster by ensuring data is where it is needed when it is needed. The core of this solution is our embedded mobile database which is 10x faster than SQLite. It also takes only 1/10th of the code (LOC) to implement. On top of the database, we’re building a data synchronization solution. They are hiring a C++ Developer, an iOS Developer and a Developer Relations Manager. Either apply directly or reach out to

Polydone, Techstars London 2017, brings agile project management for the enterprise. They are looking for a Senior JavaScript Developer and a Content & Community Manager. Apply directly or reach out to

Live2Leave, Techstars London 2017, provides travellers with tips they can trust, anywhere, at anytime. Live2Leave is looking for a FullStack Node.JS Developer and you can reach out directly to Celeste

Coconut, Techstars London 2017, is the smart bank account for freelancers and self-employed people that does your tax and accounting instantly. They are looking for an Ops Engineer and a Product Designer.

Nell, Techstars London 2017, delivers 100% natural vitamin shots for time-pressed people. They are hiring a Lead Developer.

Tenzo, Techstars London 2016, provides actionable insights for restaurants, pubs & retailers, delivered on mobile, in real time. The team is hiring a Business Development Associate and a Full Stack Developer.

AssetVault, Techstars London 2016, allows customers to catalogue all of their physical and digital assets in one secure register so that they can catalogue, protect (through insurance and a dynamic digital will) and unlock value of their assets. The company is looking for a Head of Technology, Full-Stack Lead Developer and a Product and Operations Manager.

AID:Tech, Techstars London 2016, brings social & financial inclusion to the world’s underserved population through digital identity. They are hiring a Front End and a Back End Developer along with a Project Manager.

Bidvine, Techstars London 2014, is your personal assistant for finding local services providers. The team is stellar and they are hiring an SEO Manager and a Data Analyst for their London office as well as a number of Dev roles in Waterloo.

Kalo, Techstars London 2014, freelancer management platform that empowers the world’s most creative companies to manage and scale their freelance workforce. They are looking for a Senior UX designer for their London office as well as a number of jobs in San Francisco.

Unmade, Techstars London 2014, is the leading customisation platform for the fashion industry, directly connecting consumer choices to automated manufacturing. They are hiring for a Senior Python Engineer, a Project Manager and a Marketing Manager.

PS - This list will be updated every quarter. Inspiration came from Alex’s blog post - if you are looking for a job in New York, check it out. Jobs in all the other Techstars companies can be found here.

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